Search and contribute to a growing library of interdisciplinary evidence.


Link pieces of evidence to create conjectures that drive further hypothesis generation.


Connect and contribute ideas directly to research sponsors and other researchers through Incubators


Organize your ideas in a private portfolio, invite collaborators, and finalize your proposal for potential funding.

Polyplexus Enables Researchers & Research Sponsors to:

Tap in to a talent and idea network

Communicate across disciplines about emerging areas of interest

Build a network of collaborators across disciplines and perspectives

Receive direct guidance from funding sponsors

Get time back in your R&D to pursue next stages, faster

Connect ideas to expand the potential impact of ideas

Polyplexus set out to accelerate the discovery process for novel ideas—and it’s working. In 2021, a growing, interdisciplinary community of Plexors and Sponsors surfaced more than 639* research ideas that could change the world.

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Evidence-Based Conversations

Interact directly with peers and funding sponsors in live discussions, workshops, Incubators, and Portfolios.

Conversations Sparked

Plexor Perspectives

Interested in augmenting your research team?

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