Search and contribute to a library of cross-disciplinary evidence gathered from peer-reviewed research.


Link pieces of evidence to create conjectures that drive further hypothesis generation.


Connect directly with sponsors and other researchers through evidence-based conversation on specific topics.


Organize your ideas in a private portfolio, invite collaborators, and finalize your proposal for potential funding.

Polyplexus enables you to

Engage in compelling evidence-based conversation

Receive direct guidance from funding sponsors

Collaborate across disciplines and perspectives

Strengthen abstract and proposal quality

Accelerate research timelines

Enhance project execution and transition

With 2020 in hindsight, we are proud to have advanced evidence-based conversations and are looking forward to accelerating ideas that shape our future, together.

From 3500 plus Plexors participating, to 100 plus countries, 407 universities, and 708 organizations represented, check out and download our 2020 year in review.

Evidence-Based Conversations

Interact directly with peers and funding sponsors in live discussions, workshops, Incubators, and Portfolios.

Conversations Sparked

Plexor Perspectives

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