Why Partner with Polyplexus?

Polyplexus is an online community dedicated to evidence-based conversation. Polyplexus disrupts the research paradigm by rewarding and connecting innovators outside traditional research silos to accelerate cross-sector, multidisciplinary knowledge production.

What can you do with an online evidence-based conversation? Whatever you want.

Government can use it to quickly refine topics. Industry can use it to explore potential research topics or recruiting. Universities can use it to help students explore thesis ideas. Individuals can use it to just exercise their brain.

“Polyplexus is an online community dedicated to evidence-based conversation for all.”

One of the best ways to use the platform is to think about new ideas.

  • Evidence lays the foundation for the online conversation.
  • Conjectures spur thought and ignite conversation.
  • Incubator discussions, both asynchronous and live, allow the community to explore specific questions.
  • Portfolios organize thoughts privately or with invited Plexors.

Let’s Partner

Want to include Polyplexus but don’t know how? Contact us and let’s have a conversation.

Partner Perspectives

Polyplexus Launch Case Study

Polyplexus attracts participants from over 185 academic institutions and 378 companies and non-profits. The platform also attracts women in STEM—41% of the current community are women and they have sustained engagement on the platform. Apart from national participants, Polyplexus includes diverse international participation which extends beyond traditional grant performers. To date more than 1500 papers are referenced from ~1000+ journals, and growing daily.

How do Sponsors benefit from Polyplexus?

  • Accelerates early stage ideas to development and impact
  • Fosters and supports interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration
  • Extends reach beyond the “usual performers” and perspectives to a diverse network of researchers
  • Strengthens abstract and proposal quality
  • Enhances project execution and transition

I’m excited by the potential of Polyplexus to bring DARPA a greater diversity of performers, to mature ideas more quickly, and to develop interesting cross-disciplinary connections.

I invite researchers to explore the many DARPA funding opportunities currently on the platform.”

Dr. Bartlett Russell, Program Manager, DARPA