Why Sponsor a Workshop on Polyplexus?

A Workshop focuses the collective expertise of the Polyplexus community around a specific area of research inquiry or horizon scanning.

With a Workshop, you can:

  • Custom-build a high-value professional community with elite expertise relevant to your scientific inquiry
  • Utilize the collective knowledge of your community to accelerate information aggregation, hypothesis development, and idea generation
  • Quickly generate high-value ideas about future science and technology directions worthy of your study
  • Use expert crowd-sourcing to horizon scan and quickly review emerging interdisciplinary literature in a fraction of the time

Or, our team can create a custom event to meet your specific needs.

Imagine what you could do if you could augment or access your own elite research team on-demand to accelerate your R&D? With a single digital tool, Polyplexus allows you to:

  • move faster and focus research directions
  • gather more interdisciplinary researchers around an emerging area of interest
  • make decisions about internal research and outsourcing quickly and efficiently
  • effectively eliminate consulting costs and process delays with a 2-4-week automated event

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Government & Commercial Reviews of Polyplexus:

DARPA Case Study

Polyplexus attracts participants from over 185 academic institutions and 378 companies and non-profits. The platform also attracts women in STEM—41% of the current community are women and they have sustained engagement on the platform. Apart from national participants, Polyplexus includes diverse international participation which extends beyond traditional grant performers. To date more than 1500 papers are referenced from ~1000+ journals, and growing daily.

How do Government Sponsors benefit from Polyplexus?

  • Accelerates early stage ideas to development and impact
  • Fosters and supports interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration
  • Extends reach beyond the “usual performers” and perspectives to a diverse network of researchers
  • Strengthens abstract and proposal quality
  • Enhances project execution and transition

I’m excited by the potential of Polyplexus to bring DARPA a greater diversity of performers, to mature ideas more quickly, and to develop interesting cross-disciplinary connections.

I invite researchers to explore DARPA funding opportunities currently on the platform.”

Dr. Bartlett Russell, Program Manager, DARPA