Talk Polymath is our monthly podcast series which features evidence-based conversations and invites global science leaders to converse about topics in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. From public health to changing models and trends in technology, this podcast engages in current cultural interests across disciplines.


Episode 15  |  Transforming Health: ARPA-H Dash to Accelerate Health Outcomes

In this episode, we talk with Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H)’s Inaugural Director, Dr. Renee Wegrzyn. ARPA-H, a new federal agency, accelerates accessible and equitable high-impact health solutions that cannot be readily accomplished through traditional research or commercial activity. To do this, ARPA-H aims to create new capabilities and solve important health problems for all Americans through ambitious, well-defined, and measurable programs.

Episode 14 | Human Behavior in a Time of Global Disruption

In this episode, we talk with Colin Strong, Head of Behavioral Science at Ipsos. During our discussion, Colin differentiates behavioral science from traditional psychology and how the former can help us understand how to navigate the “liquid changing” sociopolitical and environmental situations currently happening on a global scale. Learn More

Episode 13 | Water Health: A Community-driven Approach to Data Science

In this episode we speak with Dr. Stacy Woods, Senior Data Scientist at the Science Office of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). As the in-house expert in statistics and data visualization, her work primarily focuses on different aspects of water health. Learn More

Episode 12 | Red Planet Rising: Organic and Other Matters

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Anastasia Yanchilina, a Research Scientist and “Rock Enchantress” at Impossible Sensing. Anastasia’s work is rooted in applying what we know about the past to what we can learn about the future. Learn More

Episode 11 | The Circular Economy Meets the Future of Composting

In this episode, we talk with Eric Klingenberg, Materials Science Lead, at the Mars Advanced Research Institute, the research arm of Mars, Inc. Eric discusses how the development of new packaging for Mars products involves thinking beyond recyclability. Learn More

Episode 10 | Solving Climate Change on Earth: Sensing Technologies, Ocean Exploration, and Scientific Collaboration

In this episode we talk with Pablo Sobron, Founder/Sensing Wizard at Impossible Sensing, and Research Scientist at the SETI Institute. Pablo discusses new sensing technologies that will map the ocean floor, and other harsh environments where these technologies can be applied to inform innovative climate change solutions. Learn More

Episode 9 | Interdisciplinary Collaborations: How Research Benefits from Little Bit of Chaos

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Farshid Guilak, who was recently elected into the National Academy of Engineering for his contributions to regenerative medicine and mechanobiology. Learn More

Episode 8 | The Social Impact of Algorithmic Fairness

In this episode, we talk with Peter Bergman and Sara Nadel of Learning Collider, a research lab on a mission to accelerate socio-behavioral research to identify technology interventions that fight inequality. Learn More

Episode 7 | Technological Convergence: A Historic Disruption in the Making

In this episode, we talk with Jamie Arbib, who with Tony Seba co-founded RethinkX, an independent think tank dedicated to analyzing and forecasting technology-driven disruption. RethinkX recently released a report on climate change mitigation. It questions conventional forecasting, which they believe underestimates complex system dynamics and the impact of technological disruption. Learn More

Episode 6 | Eye-trackers: Novel Technology for Concussions and Brain Health Research

This episode of Talk Polymath discusses novel technologies for brain health and how eye movement can be used to diagnose and treat concussions. The guests share the science behind their concussion diagnostic tool, the data that drives it, and how they see the future of brain health. Our guests are Rosina Samadani, Ph.D., CEO of Oculogica, and Dr. Uzma Samadani, M.D., Ph.D., Founder of Oculogica, Associate Professor, Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the University of Minnesota, and attending neurosurgeon at the Minneapolis Veterans Administration Medical Center. Learn More

Episode 5 | Innovation Engines and Emerging Research

This episode of Talk Polymath welcomes the longest-serving DARPA Director, Dr. Tony Tether, and Boston University’s Head of the Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Dr. David Bishop (formerly with Bell Labs). The discussion focuses on the impact of innovation engines like DARPA and Bell Labs, and also explores some of the research they’re currently focused on – which includes superluminal travel, cardiac tissue engineering, Atto-Tesla magnetometry, and single atom printing. Learn More

Episode 4 | Brains, Behavior, and Human Performance

This episode of Talk Polymath focuses on the augmentation of human performance through scientific cognition and neuroscience programs. Our guests, Amy Kruse, Ph.D., Biologist & Partner at Prime Movers Lab, and Anna Skinner, Ph.D., Founder and President of BlackMoon, LLC, will explore cutting-edge research and technologies focused on optimizing human performance. Learn More

Episode 3 | COVID-19: The Cross-species Lifecycle of a Virus

This episode of Talk Polymath focuses on the circle of life of infectious diseases like COVID-19 and how viruses spill back into the natural world through reverse zoonosis or anthroponosis. Our guests Krista Milich, Ph.D., biological anthropologist at Washington University in St. Louis and Stephen Morse, Ph.D., epidemiologist at Columbia University Medical Center, will explore reasons for the increased emergence of zoonotic infectious diseases and the role human activity plays in this trend. Learn More

Episode 2 | Reinventing Drug Manufacturing with Tyler McQuade, Ph.D. and Mickey McManus


This episode of Talk Polymath discusses the concept behind “Pharmacy on Demand” and how a distributed medicine manufacturing network could help create a safe and reliable supply of medicines for communities worldwide. Our guests are Tyler McQuade, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer, On Demand Pharmaceuticals; and Mickey McManus, Senior Advisor and Executive Coach at BCG, and Research Fellow Emeritus at Autodesk. Learn More

Episode 1 | COVID19: The same as – and different than – previous pandemics


This episode of Talk Polymath focuses on COVID-19 and how this pandemic mirrors and differs from previous ones. Our guests are William Warren, Ph.D., Vice President and head of FluNXT at Sanofi Pasteur; and José Ramón Fernández-Peña, MD, MPA, Director of Health Professions Advising at Northwestern University and President at American Public Health Association. Want to watch the Podcast on Video? Stream on YouTube.