Talk Polymath is our monthly podcast series which features evidence-based conversations and invites global science leaders to converse about topics in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. From public health to changing models and trends in technology, this podcast engages in current cultural interests across disciplines.


Episode 3 | COVID-19: The Cross-species Lifecycle of a Virus

This episode of Talk Polymath focuses on the circle of life of infectious diseases like COVID-19 and how viruses spill back into the natural world through reverse zoonosis or anthroponosis. Our guests Krista Milich, Ph.D., biological anthropologist at Washington University in St. Louis and Stephen Morse, Ph.D., epidemiologist at Columbia University Medical Center, will explore reasons for the increased emergence of zoonotic infectious diseases and the role human activity plays in this trend.

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Episode 2 | Reinventing Drug Manufacturing with Tyler McQuade, Ph.D. and Mickey McManus


This episode of Talk Polymath discusses the concept behind “Pharmacy on Demand” and how a distributed medicine manufacturing network could help create a safe and reliable supply of medicines for communities worldwide. Our guests are Tyler McQuade, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer, On Demand Pharmaceuticals; and Mickey McManus, Senior Advisor and Executive Coach at BCG, and Research Fellow Emeritus at Autodesk. Learn More

Episode 1 | COVID19: The same as – and different than – previous pandemics


This episode of Talk Polymath focuses on COVID-19 and how this pandemic mirrors and differs from previous ones. Our guests are William Warren, Ph.D., Vice President and head of FluNXT at Sanofi Pasteur; and José Ramón Fernández-Peña, MD, MPA, Director of Health Professions Advising at Northwestern University and President at American Public Health Association. Want to watch the Podcast on Video? Stream on YouTube.