Connecting Innovative Ideas, Researchers, and Sponsors

It is clearer than ever we need a faster, more efficient, and cross-disciplinary R&D process to address the complex challenges we face in areas like health, climate, and energy.

Global knowledge creation and sharing is accelerating and impacting the pace of idea exchange, the nature of competition, and the emergence of critical breakthroughs and opportunities.

Polyplexus is a digital R&D solution that uses social networking principles to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration that brings high-value talent and ideas to light quickly, efficiently, and with less risk.

Polyplexus is designed to

  • Disrupt the research paradigm by using modern connectedness to bring high-value talent and ideas to light
  • Revolutionize how scientific information is shared and communicated
  • Streamline and accelerate the first mile of innovation
  • Encourage and facilitate critical interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Connect novel ideas with the resources to bring them to life

Together we accelerate the ideas that shape our future.

A growing body of evidence-based conversations and MicroPublications.

Scientific Collaborative Milestones

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Be Part of a Cross-Disciplinary Community

We imagine and model a new process for cross-disciplinary scientific discovery.

Polyplexus focuses the discussion through the lens of what we already know – in pursuit of what we might discover. New knowledge comes from facilitated discussion and disciplines uniting against hard problems.

Our mission is to connect ideas, researchers and sponsors by

  • encouraging and supporting collaboration
  • discovering and developing ideas
  • engaging and connecting sponsors and researchers
  • identifying and advancing worthy ideas
Our community of Plexors is growing.

Plexor Expertise

Engage Directly with Research Sponsors

We use evidence-based conversation to surface ideas and talent, and connect researchers to research sponsors.

“Running an incubator is one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done as a scientist.” – DARPA Program Manager

Plexors benefit from:

  1. The ability to pitch ideas to Sponsors and receive timely feedback.
  2. The ability to learn from the discussion and engage with other Plexors to advance ideas.

Sponsors benefit from:

  1. Collaborating in the earliest stages of idea formulation and grant writing to help researchers develop grant proposals that better align with the expectations of the granting institution.
  2. Receiving new ideas and areas of inquiry from a diverse network of researchers for further exploration.

Are you looking for new ideas?

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