A competition to identify seminal scientific evidence published within the last five years that will lead to new, transformative industries by 2040.



What evidence have you seen or discovered that will create change by 2040? We are soliciting 64 submissions from four domains: Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and the Life Sciences. Submitted evidence in each domain will go head to head in a competitive bracket competition until we reach a winner. Submissions are now closed and voting has begun.

Round 1: 11/21 – 11/23

Round 2: 11/24 – 11/26

Round 3: 11/27 – 11/29

Round 4: 11/30 – 12/01

Semifinals: 12/02 – 12/03

Final Round: 12/04 – 12/05


See rules below to join the madness!

Evidence Madness Brackets are now live! Check them out here.

Winning Evidence Submission


1st Place: $2,040

2nd Place: $1,000

3rd Place: $500




Additional awards for predicting the most bracket
winners as the competition advances:

  • 1st place: $1,000
  • 2nd place: $750
  • 3rd place: $500
  • 4th place: $250
  • 5th-10th place: $200
  • Evidence Madness Challenge T-shirts for
    accepted competing evidence submissions



  1. Voting begins when the Evidence Madness bracket is published on November 20 before 3 p.m.  ET.
  2. Participants must be registered on the Polyplexus platform in order to vote.
  3. First two rounds of voting are open for 3 days each, ending at midnight ET on the 3rd day.
  4. Next two rounds of voting are open for 2 days each, ending at midnight ET on the 2nd day.
  5. Final round of voting is open for 24 hours, ending at midnight ET.
  6. One vote per matchup per participant in each round.
  7. Voting should reflect the voter’s opinion of the quality of the evidence statement, the quality of the justification, and the likelihood that this evidence will foment a new, transformative industry by 2040.
  8. Voters are encouraged to add additional comments and evidence to influence voting.
  9. In each matchup the Evidence µPub with the most votes advances to the next round.
  10. Voting then begins for the next round.


Evidence µPubs

  1. In the final round, the Evidence µPub with the most votes wins first place and $2,040 for its submitter.
  2. The Evidence µPub with second most votes wins second place and $1,000 for its submitter.
  3. Third and fourth semi-finalists both win $500 for their submitters.

Individual Participants

  1. Individual with the most winning selections across the full bracket of 64 wins $1,000.
  2. Second most winning selections wins $750.
  3. Third most winning selections wins $500.
  4. Fourth most winning pairs wins $250.
  5. Fifth – 10th place wins $200.
  6. Ties at any position divide the pot for that position.
  7. Evidence Madness T-shirts will be awarded to all those whose submissions make up the brackets.


Hey, this is our first madness event – we can’t see the future. So the Polyplexus team reserves the right to fix issues that arise during this competition in the spirit of the contest and rules above. We will be as fair as we can be.


We solemnly promise no employees or family members or friends will be winners.


Anyone who claims victory before the votes are counted will be disqualified.

Evidence Submission

  1. Participants must be registered on the Polyplexus platform in order to submit.
  2. Create an Evidence µPub from a paper published in the last 5 years, with the DOI or preprint server link.
  3. Select the Domain Division – Physics (including solid state), Chemistry (including materials), Computer Science (software and hardware), and Life Sciences – and submit to the submission tab.
  4. Add a comment to your Evidence µPub that describes why you feel this evidence is seminal and likely to lead to a new, transformative industry by 2040.
  5. Create a short title that will appear in the bracket box to describe your evidence
  6. The Evidence µPub plus the title and comment officially qualifies your entry.
  7. Submissions will be evaluated based on first-come, first-considered basis and the quality of Evidence statement/justification comment.
  8. If your submission is accepted, you are eligible for the prize money.
  9. One submission per participant; Each domain bracket will initially include 16 submissions, for a total of 64.
  10. Bracket seeding will be randomly generated from the qualified submissions.
  11. Submission period begins on November 17 and ends on November 20. 
  12. Qualified Evidence µPub submissions in each domain bracket will appear simultaneously at the close of the submission period, filling out the brackets.

How to Vote

Sign into Polyplexus.com — if you are new to the platform, click on Create My Account

Click Join Incubators

Choose Evidence Madness Incubator

Click on Madness tab

Click on the Vote button

You will now see the first pair of submissions

  • you can click on either submission to read the Evidence card and Justification comment
  • click Select next to the submission of your choice, then click Vote
  • or if you don’t wish to give either submission your vote, click Skip

When done voting, you can click on the Edit Votes button and review all your votes

If you’d like to change any of your votes, click Change next to the submission in question

Then go back to the Vote button and make a new selection


Note: you can only vote once on every pair of submissions. If you try to vote a second time, you will receive an Error message.



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